August: ‘We were extremely lucky’

2017: A Year In Review

FORT LARAMIE – While many Goshen County residents were taking in the fair Thursday afternoon, those in Fort Laramie were taking cover. A forceful storm blew through the small town July 27, toppling trees, power lines and creating “near misses” for many residents.
Thursday morning, the National Weather Service out of Cheyenne issued a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern Goshen County, with winds up to 70 mph and nickel-sized hail possible.
Later that day, after the storm hit, rumors spread that Fort Laramie had experienced a tornado – its second of the summer.
Monday, Shelly Kirchhefer of Goshen County Emergency Management, dispelled the tornado buzz, telling the Telegram the town had instead felt the brunt of straight-line winds.

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