Free ultrasound services coming to Torrington

TORRINGTON – Final details have yet to be completed, but sponsors of a new Right to Life service expect to have them finalized by 2018.

Jan Long, president of the local Right to Life chapter, said Tuesday that a large van will provide the mobile ultrasound service for residents of Goshen, Platte and Laramie counties. The unit, paid for by donations and with financial assistance from the Knights of Columbus – which Long said are providing the ultrasound equipment – will visit Wheatland, Torrington and Pine Bluffs once a month.

According to Long, the traveling mini clinic is offered through the Life Choice Pregnancy Care Center in Cheyenne, donations from other Right to Life chapters and private contributions. In addition to ultrasounds, women will also benefit from consultations with nurses.

“Rather than abortion, we want to give mothers another option,” Long said, explaining the mother could decide to keep the child or adopt it out. If she chooses to keep the child, classes offered by the center prepare her for life as a supporting parent. One program offers classes in managing finances, as well as other skills required to be a successful parent.

By completing classes, the expectant mother earns Baby Bucks that can be “spent” on items for the child’s care in a boutique at the center. The father can participate in the classes, also, and contribute his Baby Bucks to the mother’s account.

Long said St. Rose Catholic Church and Lighthouse Ministries also raise funds to purchase items for the boutique.

The biggest hurdle for the Torrington visits is a neutral place to park during the monthly stop. Long said it needs to be warm in the winter and close to a restroom. 

“The mothers need to have free access and be comfortable while they wait,” Long said.

The local Right to Life group meets the third Monday of each month in the Brand Room of the Rendezvous Center on the Goshen County Fairgrounds. Meetings begin at 7 p.m., and last about one hour.

For more information, contact Long at (307) 575-2069, or the Life Choice Pregnancy Care Center in Cheyenne at
(307) 632-6323.

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