Probation revocations result in prison sentences

TORRINGTON – District Judge Patrick Korell handed down two prison sentences during court action Thursday, Jan. 25. Andrew M. Case was sentenced after several years of probation violations involving burglary and controlled substances. Dale L. Maude was sentenced on domestic violence charges.
Concluding a long list of criminal charges and probation violations, Case was sentenced to 3 to 6 years in prison. He had a history of breaking the law going back to a burglary charge from 2012. That case was heard by then District Judge Keith Kautz. At that time, Judge Korell was in the Goshen County Attorney’s office, which brought
the charges.
Due to his past history with the defendant, Korell offered to recuse himself from this latest court proceeding involving Case. He also reminded Case that since the proceedings would be heard by a judge, rather than a jury, Case could call his own witnesses. Following private consultation with his attorney, Eric Palen of Glendo, Case decided to proceed with Korell.
Case’s Goshen County criminal history began with a burglary charge, where he faced 10 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. This was suspended in favor of five years of supervised probation. He consequently violated probation several times on charges dealing with drugs, and his Goshen County record concluded in 2017.
In May 2017, he was charged with DUI in Goshen County, triggering revocation of his Goshen County probation. Locating and bringing Case back to face local charges resulted in Goshen County obtaining a transport order to bring Case from the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution near Torrington, where he was serving his sentence on charges from Platte County, to the local courtroom, where his revocation hearing was held Jan. 25.
Case’s criminal history included a 2010 burglary charge from Platte County. He was sentenced to 4-7 year’s incarceration, but was placed on probation. In December 2017, his probation was revoked in Platte County and he was sentenced to complete his time in prison.
During revocation proceedings, Goshen County Attorney Kenneth Brown agreed to the 3-6 year sentence running concurrently with Case’s sentence from Platte County. Brown also agreed to give credit for the more than 200 days Case had spent in the Goshen County Detention Center.

Bodily injury
Maude was charged with knowingly causing bodily injury to a household member, in this case, his wife, on two separate occasions. Specifically, in a Jan. 3 incident, he was charged with impeding normal breathing or circulation of blood, during which he allegedly choked her.
When police responded to a call from a neighbor, they reportedly found what appeared to be finger marks on her throat and blood on her face. She told officers that Maude had hit her with his closed fist, in addition to choking her, during which she blacked out
Maude was also found guilty in December 2017 of domestic battering, again involving his wife.
Following his Jan. 5 arraignment, Maude was released on a $10,000 bond prior to a preliminary hearing in Circuit Court on Jan. 12. He faced a maximum of 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
A plea agreement resulted in a guilty plea entered Jan. 25, during which Korell sentenced him to not less than 2 ½ years nor more than 5 years in prison. Korell ordered that Maude remain in custody during a pre-sentence investigation.

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