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Wyoming ranks second most reliant on gun industry

TORRINGTON – Wyoming is one of the most reliant states on the gun industry – second only after Alaska – according to personal finance site,
Analysts compared the economic impact of guns on each state based on several categories, including jobs, political contributions and ownership.
Wyoming ranked in the top five in the following:
• Most firearms-industry jobs per capita: 5 (after Idaho, New Hampshire, Montana and
South Dakota)
• Highest total taxes paid by firearms industry per capita: 1 (followed by Alaska, Maine, Montana and
North Dakota)
• Gun-control contributions to congressional members per capita: 1
• Gun-rights contributions to congressional members per capita: 1
• Highest gun ownership: 5 (after Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho and
West Virginia)
Wyoming ranked 50th (lowest) in average wages and benefits in the firearms industry, and 12th in total firearms-industry output and background checks
per capita.
Out of 100 possible points – 35 points for gun industry, 35 for gun prevalence and 30 for gun politics – Alaska earned 80.02, Wyoming 79.62 and Montana 76.81. Rounding out the bottom three were Delaware and New York at 15.29 and Rhode Island 8.09.
“It’s the lifestyle out here – everybody loves to hunt or fish,” Bob Picker, employee at Gary’s Gun Shop in Torrington said as to why he believes Wyoming ranked so highly on the list. “People in Wyoming enjoy guns just like they enjoy fishing poles or camping equipment. We have the land and (the animals) … in places like New York, they don’t have the same (opportunities).”
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